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Welcome to Pearmain Class 

Teacher: Mrs Alison McDonnell.  




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In your learning packs you will find the following resources:

Guided reading : tasks linked to our class novel: Journey to the River Sea.

Year 5: Maths - Worksheets including: measurement problems, work on angles, reading and interpreting timetables. Spelling and grammar - lists and worksheets covering a range of areas.

Year 6: Maths - Two 10 min SATs buster maths books.  Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Targeted question books and a SAT buster 10-minute test book.

Mathletics tasks will be set daily for each child (sign-in details can be found in the front of each child's red exercise book). Please login here.

Daily Maths lessons with a short teaching video and related task can be found for all year groups at the following site: DAILY MATHS LESSONS

In addition to this, parents can also access free learning resources from Twinkl using the following sign-in details: go to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS. 

Please see my letter to parents for more advice or information about home learning tasks and expectations. Letter to parents.

(If you have any questions or need more support over the coming weeks, then feel free to contact me via Class Dojo. Sign-up details are in your learning pack if you are not yet connected.)



  Our short learning experience: ELECTRIC DREAMS developed over the last few days of school before the closure on Friday 20th March. We started to explore the development of electronic music in the 1970s and 1980s with the introduction of synthesizers and other music technology. After spending time investigating the range of sounds and effects on electronic keyboards and learning about musical notation, we went on to practise playing riffs in order to perform a number of songs together as a group. These included Bob Marley's 'Three Little Birds' and The White Stripe's 'Seven Nation Army'. We also looked at mixing rhythms and melodies using the website:

In addition to music, we studied electricity: building circuits using bulbs, motors, buzzers and switches, and learning the correct symbols to draw circuit diagrams.




                                   Learning Experience Overview                                          Our learning experience: TRADING PLACES is focusing in on Geography. We will be developing our locational knowledge by finding out where in the world key imports come from and zooming in to take a closer look at Central and South AmericaWe will be exploring what makes trade fair and unfairlearning about fair trade products and processes and gaining an insight into the benefits of fair trade to producer and to the environment.                                                                    Our journey will begin with a visit to Manaus in Amazonia, to find out about the Rubber Trade, following in the footsteps of Maia, the main character from our class novel: ‘Journey to the River Sea’ by Eva Ibbotson. Along the way, we shall be trading places with different characters from the book and writing a series of diary entries from their point of view. Where we go after that will be determined by the children’s we become explorers on our Geographical journey.

  BEHIND THE SCENES - Spring Term 3 2020

Over the next two weeks, the children will be going on a short drama-based learning journey where they will gain experience of staging a musical show: THE SNOW QUEEN. They will take on different roles in the production as cast and crew members and learn that a successful show requires a team effort, with many different elements coming together in order to provide the audience with a fabulous experience.

Skills will include: ART & DESIGN - making posters, scenery, props & costumes; DRAMA - taking on roles in the play and acting with an understanding of the character’s emotions & feelings; MUSIC - singing songs from memory, with control of melody and good expression, and with an awareness of how different styles convey different emotions and themes.

THE SNOW QUEEN Was a great success! Well done everybody.

Here are some photos of our evening performance.









Make it Fair - Spring Term 3 2020

Learning Experience Overview

This term’s learning experience will focus on the theme of Fairness. Working scientifically will be a primary focus of our journey as the children become experts at planning and carrying out fair tests, explaining their reasoning and drawing conclusions from their results. 

 Within literacy, we shall be focusing on expressing opinions and views using formal language by writing letters of complaint and balanced arguments and taking part in a series of debates.  


We had a great time testing the absorbency of different brands of nappies. The children worked really well in mixed groups, taking on different roles and independently planning and carrying out a fair test. We had to reconsider the validity of our tests after the data we collected was found to give conflicting results. It was decided that we should do another test using more accurate measuring equipment. This produced much more reliable data and overall, the most absorbent nappy brand was found to be Pampers.


What an amazing experience we had at Calshot this year! The children pushed through their fears and worries to really challenge themselves; they worked together as a team, encouraging and supporting one another, and above all they did us proud.

A special thanks to our group leaders at the centre and to Miss Bates for being amazing! There are so many special memories that we will take away from our experience. Check out the gallery to see a few of the things we got up to...


Faith Can Move Mountains

Autumn Term 2019

Pearmain Class spent the first week of Term 2 focusing on FAITH IN ACTION by studying the lives and influence of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, key figures in the American civil rights movement. In this learning journey, we explored how their Christian faith influenced and inspired them and gave them the courage, strength and determination to fight for equality and justice. Highlights included: the re-enactments of Rosa Parks' actions on the Montgomery bus when she refused to stand for a white male passenger and got arrested for breaking the segregation laws of the time, and also, the children's 'I have a Dream' speeches.


IT'S A MYSTERY - Autumn Term 2019

Learning Experience Overview

     This term’s learning experience will focus on mysteries, both fictional and historical.  As a starting point, the children will consider the Stone Age mystery of the Scottish petrospheres - carved stone balls found in Skara Brae and various other Neolithic sites. They will learn that historical analysis is like detective work – examining the evidence (using different sources), developing theories and following lines of enquiry. In considering this mystery, the children will start their journey of learning about life in the Stone Age and go on to consider the mysteries of how and why Neolithic people built Stonehenge.  

Within this learning journey, the children will be developing their story-writing skills, particularly focusing on varying sentence openers and building suspense, by writing mystery stories.  

The children will be studying a variety of scientific topics throughout this learning experience including forces and will be finding out how scientific research has solved some previously unsolved mysteries. 

Creating Stonehenge

The children enjoyed the challenge of making Stonehenge models out of Play-Doh, following the same stages of construction as the original monument. Although it was quite fiddly to get the proportions right, the children did an excellent job and had lots of fun in the process! They were also much more able to recall the order of how Stonehenge was built following this hands-on activity.



We had a fantastic time at Stonehenge and learned a lot on our trip.




Spring Term 2019


Learning Experience Overview

This term's learning experience will focus on the theme of Shoes. We will be reflecting on the quote: ' Before you can judge someone, you must first walk a mile in their moccasins' . We shall be unpicking the meaning of each element of the quote and following lines of inquiry which will guide us towards our outcome: to design and make our own moccasin-style slippers.



Autumn Term 2018 Learning Experience Overview

 Autumn Term 2018

In Pearmain Class this week, the children have settled in well and have been keen to get started on our first learning journey: FLYING HIGH. This week, we have been writing stories based on a short film - Soar, which focuses on the attempts of a young designer to build a flying machine to help a miniature pilot achieve his goal. 

Our writing objectives were to use fronted adverbials, including subordinate clauses, to link ideas and engage the reader. Watch this space for examples of our amazing story-writing.



Visiting Fleet Air Arm Museum at Yeovilton

The children had a fantastic time at the Fleet Air Arm museum when we visited in October. We had a workshop tailored especially for us to fit in with our learning experience and were very grateful to the curators of the museum who delivered a fantastic presentation about how to create an exhibition and organised a range of activities for us. Here are a selection of photos from our wonderful day and one of the letters of appreciation that the children wrote to express their thanks.


 Is it a bird? Is it plane?'s Pearmain.

Pearmain Airways present:

Up, Up and Away: An Exhibition of Flight

We had a great time organising and running an exhibition for parents and visitors. Thank you to the curators of Fleet Air Arm Museum for opening the event and supporting us with this project.

Summer Term 2018

Our learning journey this summer will be based on the book Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. In English, we shall begin by considering what life was like in the late 19th century when Lewis Carroll wrote the text and we will then explore ideas about what would be in our own 'Wonderlands'. In science we will plan and carry out different investigations linked to our topic. We will be preparing for our end of term performance of Alice The musical alongside Russet class. We will create a range of 2D and 3D artworks to serve as props and posters.



Below are some pictures of some of the work we have already created that are linked to our learning journeys.




 JUNE 2018 - PILGRIM DAY AT WELLS CATHEDRAL - The year sixes visited Wells Cathedral on Wednesday 13th June for a Pilgrim Day to mark their move on to Secondary School. 


JUNE 2018 - WASTE WORKSHOP - We learned lots about the impact of different types of waste on our environment from Karen, educational officer from Carrymore Environment Centre.


MAY 2018 - CELEBRATING AFTER SATS - What better way to celebrate the end of SATs week than by having a wild water fight on the field. Year 6 against the rest! The best fun on a hot day and a great reward for all of our efforts.

The Year Sixes...

and the opposition...


MAY 2018 - SOW AND SHARE - We planned our raised bed and started to mark out the sections and plant seeds with Coralie. We can't wait to see our flowers and vegetables grow.


JANUARY 2018 - YEOVIL TOWN FC - Respect in football and in life. We had a workshop about showing respect in all different contexts.


JANUARY 2018 - EARTHQUAKE-PROOF BUILDINGS - We learned about different designs used by structural engineers to strength houses in earthquake-prone areas. We experimented with creating own own designs.


JANUARY 2018 - RUNNING WILD - Our learning journey for the spring term is based on the novel Running Wild by Michael Morpurgo. In the story, Will is saved by an elephant who senses a tsunami on the way. We kicked off our learning with an investigation into earthquakes. We had to create a marshmallow structure that would withstand a 'jelly-quake'. Lots of yummy fun was had by all!


DECEMBER 2017 - INVESTIGATING INSULATORS - Which material will keep the dwarves warmest when they travel across the Misty Mountains? We had lots of fun making outfits for our water-bottle dwarves to explore this question.


 NOVEMBER 2017 - CALSHOT RESIDENTIAL TRIP - What a fantastic time the Year 5 and 6 pupils had at Calshot Activities centre!




NOVEMBER 2017 - POETRY WORKSHOP - Pearmain Class were joined by pupils from Butleigh school to welcome a well-know poet, Tony Walsh to teach us about poetry writing. We created lots of poems about heroes based on a structure that Tony introduced us to. We worked on our own and then combined our favourite lines and read them as a group using 'heroic' voices.


OCTOBER 2017 - AVALON MARSHES TRIP - We had a great time visiting the Avalon Marshes and learning about living things and their habitats, and food chains. Pond-dipping was our favourite activity.





SEPTEMBER 2017 - The children produced some amazing work in their learning journals based on their welly walk. Here are a few samples:


SEPTEMBER 2017 -For our first learning Journey of the year,we zoomed in on our local environment by taking a walk around the village inspired by the book 'Where Our Wellies Take Me...' by Claire and Michael Morpurgo.